Portable Battery

portable battery power station

The portable battery power station is a built-in high-energy-density lithium-ion battery. In short, it is a large-capacity, high-power, lightweight, portable, green, and environmentally friendly “large power bank” with a capacity between 0.5kw and 3Kw. , At the same time, it has a larger output power of 100-3000W, which is widely used in outdoor travel, emergency disaster preparedness, and other scenarios. Emergency use of electricity.

The application scenarios of portable energy storage power supply include the following categories, outdoor camping, self-driving travel, mobile office, and outdoor work. Meet its emergency power needs, such as lighting, fans, audio, charging, cooking, etc. for outdoor camping, power shortages for self-driving travel and mobile office, and surveying, maintenance, emergency rescue, etc. for outdoor operations

The portable energy storage power supply also has the advantages of high power, large capacity, abundant interfaces, abundant power supply interfaces, and high security and stability.